Relationship Building Program

CORPRAgolf provides a unique marketing program that builds relationships, reduces sales cycles, and turns marketing dollars into revenue.

  The CORPRAgolf Relationship Building Program is a one day event in which your guests will either learn how to play golf or how to improve their golf game. Our unique training format will more effectively fulfill your business goals, allowing you to spend the entire day interacting and networking with all of your guests, unlike traditional golf programs where you are allowed just a few disjointed hours with a couple of individuals.
  • Build Relationships. Our full day program gives you up-to-7 hours of quality, face-to-face interaction with guests in the perfect environment which would take months, even years to achieve in a typical business setting, consequently, reducing your sales cycle.
  • Unique Opportunity. Your guests have never been invited to a golf program like this. Differentiate your company from the competition with a fun and interactive learning experience that receives high RSVP rates and very positive results.
  • Golf Barriers Lowered. Anyone can comfortably participate in our program and benefit, regardless of their skill level, even those who have never played the game.
  • Built-in Communication and Follow Up. From invitations and scheduled follow up to be sure that your guest received their customized training video, the CORPRAgolf program provides several easy, natural and effective opportunities to develop and continue dialogue with your guests.
  • A Turnkey Solution. CORPRAgolf will secure the golf course, food & beverage, and make all the arrangements for the day. Your only job will be to show up, spend time with your guests, deepen relationships and follow up with them afterward.
  • Deliver a Memorable Experience. This is not just another golf-related event. Your guests will gain valuable tools to take with them, which will ensure that they remember you and your brand. They will thank you often.
  • See a Return on Your Marketing Dollars. Turn marketing dollars into revenue. Our clients don't consider us a business expense, but rather a revenue generator.

Our Clients

CORPRAgolf's Relationship Building Program has been used by businesses across a variety of industries. Our clients realize the value and unique qualities our program offers their sales teams to truly connect and create relationhips with prospects and existing clients.